2020 Benoni White




Our first Benoni’s White Blend is a blend of Petit Manseng, Chardonnay, and Vidal Blanc.


The Grapes


Petit Manseng: A white grape variety that is mainly grown in the warm climate of the South-West of France (Languedoc, France). It is usually used to produce late harvest dessert wines. The grape is also fitted for the cool to moderate climate of Virginia and allows winemakers to produce dry and refreshing wines with flavors of green apple and citrus notes.

Chardonnay: One of the most planted and versatile grapes worldwide. It can grow in cool to moderate climates to produce the crisp and refreshing wines aged in stainless steel tanks (Chablis, France) or produce the rich, deep, and oak-aged Chardonnay from warmer climates (West Coast, USA).

Vidal Blanc: The only hybrid grape variety used for this blend (Ugni Blanc & Rayon d’Or). It was developed by Jean Louis Vidal for the production of Cognac but its winter hardiness made it a sought-after grape for producers of ice wine (Canada). Nowadays the grape is favored by winemakers growing in cool climates (East Coast, USA). The wines produced from Vidal Blanc tend to be fruity with aromas of grapefruits and pineapple (like Sauvignon blanc and Petit Manseng).


The Winemaking


Skin Contact: The traditional way of making white wines does not involve skin contact. This mostly depends on the winemaker’s choice to retain the flavor profile of the grapes. However, a winemaker can decide to leave the juice in contact with the skin during the winemaking process in order to develop other flavors and add complexity to the wine. In this case, our winemaker decided to leave the Chardonnay and the Petit Manseng in contact with the skin in order to enhance the fruit forwardness of our 2020 Benoni’s White wine.


Tasting Notes

Aroma: Herbal, tea, pumpkin pie crust, toasted almonds.
Palate: Pineapple, green tea, clove, citrus, lemongrass.
Finish: Black tea, soft finish.


Our first Benoni White is a powerful and refreshing blend that will pair perfectly with soft cheeses, sweet spreads, and light charcuterie meat. It will also be delightful with poultry or seafood (add a splash of it to your dish!).



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La Grange



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Petit Manseng
Vidal Blanc


Stainless Steel

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750 ml


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