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About Us

In December 2005, a small group of wine enthusiasts and investors acquired the historic La Grange farm which included acres of land with a dilapidated manor house and numerous outbuildings. The investors formed PWC Winery, LLC, to open a high-quality winery in Prince William County, a first for the county. The winery first opened to the public on Labor Day 2006.  The property now includes 5.6 acres of vineyards, the restored circa 1790 manor house as well as a wine production facility.

Winemaker’s Welcome

The Winery at La Grange has played a crucial part in the development of my professional life as a winemaker. In 2006, as this property was just starting to take shape and transform into the beautiful setting it is today, I was starting my career with my first endeavor into winemaking. I was a summer intern that had recently switched my college focus from Astro-Physics to Organic-Chemistry because I had made a decision to pursue the life of a winemaker. Consequently, just as La Grange was being born, so was my professional career.

I left after that summer with a determination that I had found my calling. I finished up at Penn State with a degree in Organic Chemistry and a minor in Plant Biology in the summer of 2007. I got my first job as a winemaker in Virginia that next spring and completed the Enology certification program at Washington State University in 2011. As I began to polish my skills, La Grange was quickly establishing itself as the premiere winery close to DC. I was thrilled in 2009 that I had a chance to join the winemaking team responsible for making wine at La Grange. I only spent one vintage working as the winemaker here, but it served to further entwine my career with that of La Grange’s development. Since then I have worked very hard to increase my wine knowledge and prowess running a wine program. Wines I have made have won numerous accolades on the state and national levels.

It is an exciting time to be taking the reigns of the wine production at La Grange. The marriage of beautiful landscapes, rich history, legendary hospitality, and wines of exemplary character provide La Grange a foundation to be the premier East Coast Winery. The interest generated for Virginia wine, within the state and beyond, is giving the industry a clear signal; we are doing something right. My vision is to lead the wine production team at La Grange to produce the highest quality wine possible. It is my honor to be such an integral part of this community and family.

Seth Chambers, Winemaker

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